How it Works

Understanding technology, software tools, complex processes, sales workflows, marketing automation and business optimization probably makes you feel frustrated. We’re here so you can relax. Our tech-loving, professionally geeky team loves this stuff, and will make sure you get it – or at least understand how it all works together to help you business run smoother, and more efficiently.

What our overall process to optimize your business looks like:

1. Getting to know you and your business

Every business works differently, so we first focus on understanding how your business operates, what processes you have in place, how your team works and pinpoint anything that can be optimized to increase work efficiency.

2. Defining smarter ways to do your daily work

Saving some time here doing something faster there, and finding any possible way to help you do anything more efficiently is what we’re all about. That’s what gets us excited. Every challenge you have, is a fun little puzzle for us to solve. At this stage, our team defines what your new workflows and processes will look like.

3. Choosing the perfect software tools

There are thousands of apps and web-based tools out there. Figuring out which ones are the best for you take a long time. Our team has already spent hundreds of hours researching lots of tools, and picked the best ones that offer the most value for small businesses with tight budgets.

We make sure every dollar you invest is well spent, so we’ll evaluate and pick the best software apps that’ll meet your specific business needs. We’ll call this bundle of tools your “software stack,” which we’ll then integrate with each other through automatic synchronizations so that information easily flows between them.

4. Implementing your new, and improved workflows

New optimized workflows defined, check. Software stack, check. Now it’s time we show you our magic. Once we have the right tools in place, and the ideal workflows imagined, we put our hands to work to build all the necessary syncs, workflows and automations into action – including creating e-mail templates, automating sales tasks, designing automated marketing campaigns and everything in between.

5. Training: we’ll show you how to manage everything

Once everything is in place, we’ll be ready to turn on the switch and let the magic of technology and automation help you do it’s thing, but quite a few things will still need your human touch. Items such as creating simple email templates, creating newsletters, adding users, managing tasks, creating new contacts, etcl, will still need some manual work from time to time. We’ll make sure you understand how to use your new CRM, other software tools and how to maintain and manage your automations – all with our personal, friendly help.

Let´s elevate your business