We help businesses work smarter, not harder.

What Can Bloominate Help Me With?

We help you integrate and use modern web-based technology and tools to implement smarter ways to run your business, so you can focus on what’s most important – growing it.


Automate & watch your business bloom

How technology can be used to enhance your business

Get more leads and customers

We employ the latest lead capturing tools and apps to maximize your number of customers

Engage your leads

Marketing automation features will nurture leads until they’re ready to purchase from you

Keep contacts and data organized

We will setup and customize a small business CRM software that will store your contacts, giving your team a 360 view on your leads and customers

Remain consistent and predictable

Automated workflows keep processes consistent, whether they’re internal or customer-related processes

Keep track of all support requests

An advanced helpdesk ticketing system will bring your business’s technical support to another level

Core Business Optimization Services

Alternative: Small Business Software Solutions

Business process consulting

Software can be tricky or finicky. Don’t pull your hair out or get stuck with a large technical support bill from the software provider. Our ongoing business process consulting service ensures answers to your software-related questions and assistance with challenges your business experiences due to software or the lack thereof.

Custom software stack solutions

With so many software choices on the market, how do you know what to pick? We don’t only guide you through this process – we do all the work, too.


After a thorough discussion and analysis of your business’s internal environment and expressed needs, our team of experts will choose the most effective, budget-friendly software that will increase productivity up to 4 times in your office.


We create a custom software stack of collaboration, sales, marketing, technical support and customer service software, which we set up and interconnect to ensure seamless cohesiveness and organization.


The experts at Bloominate know the best and most affordable software, the newest tools and the most effective lead generating techniques to help your business achieve its short-term and long-term goals.

Business process improvement and automation

Workflows greatly alleviate the burden on your staff who perform mundane or tedious tasks. We use your business’s existing software or choose new software to strategically create custom sales automation and marketing automation workflows that will perform pertinent tasks for your business. This includes automated lead generation techniques, automated lead nurturing, sending out messages to confirm appointments and auto-generated sales reports. Automated processes will help your business save money, greatly increase productivity and reduce human error.

Technology training

Want to learn more about your company’s existing or new software? Request our training service to learn how to utilize your software to its full potential. We offer in-depth training online to one person or a team of people, and we also provide in-person training to businesses located in San Diego, California. Our training services are offered in single-session or ongoing packages.

Agile CRM Integrations & consulting

As a proud, certified partner of Agile CRM, we offer a full range of services for this cost-effective, small business CRM, including software setup, customization, integration, support and training.


This all-in-one CRM system has sales, marketing and help desk functionalities. Agile CRM is easy to use for people with little to no marketing experience and is pleasantly affordable.

What do you get in return?

(Besides awesome software)


Cost savings

50% to 90% decreased costs

More leads and customers

Automated processes get your business more quality leads and customers

Workplace process organization

Software integration, sales automation and marketing automation boost cohesiveness

Increased production

Your team can do more in less time, with less resources

Reduced human error and improved consistency

Software performs calculated tasks without error

Elimination of unnecessary technology

We make sure the software you pay for is being utilized and is helping your business grow

Let´s elevate your business